The Sea off Satta in Suruga Province

Utagawa Hiroshige (歌川広重), 1797-1858

Format, Size: Ōban nishiki-e, 235 x 351 mm
Series: 36 Views of Fuji (富士三十六景)
Publisher: Tsutaya Kichizō (紅英堂)
蔦屋吉蔵 (紅英堂)
Signature: Hiroshige ga (廣重画)
Reference: Ukiyo-e shūka 14 (1981), Hiroshige list, p. 250, ōban #58.15

The sea rises in a tremendous wave above the iconic Mt. Fuji. The design is reminiscent of Hokusai’s Great Wave of the early 1830’s, except that the boats appear calm in the middle-ground instead of tempest-tossed in the fore.

The impression is in near-perfect condition, and exhibits a high level of detail in shading and coloring, characteristic of earlier printings.